Tarikua Erda

PhD Candidate, Columbia University

School of International and Public Affairs

tarikua.erda@columbia.edu | @tarikuaerda


Ongoing Work

  • Sink or Swim: Firm Dynamics and Reallocation after Flood Shocks
    • Support: Equitable Growth Doctoral Research Grant
  • The On-campus Recruiting Labor Market (with Laura Caron)
    • Support: NSF Dissertation Grant in Economics, RSF Dissertation Grant
    • In field
  • Appearance and Perception in Academia (with Jeffrey Shrader)
    • Support: ISERP Seed Grant, CELSS Seed Grant
    • Pilot under set-up

Pre-Doctoral Work

  • Erda, T. Do Remittances Boost Savings and Investment in Sub-Saharan Africa? Evidence from Thirty-Four Countries. Cornell Undergraduate Economics Review, Spring 2017, Vol. XXV, No. I, pp. 27-41.